What is this?

Jump on the Java Modular Train with repackaged instant modules ready for use
Using Guice, Undertow with CXF
Build and Deploy complete modular enterprise applications
From 1.1 everything is using the jakarta namespace
That's a world first? Isn't it?

Repackaged Services

Grab and use repackaged libraries such as CXF,Jakarta, Faces, POI, Swagger, Undertow that are always up to date* and compatible with building JLink, JPackage, and JMod distributables -if need be - without touching the managed Guice layer

Deploy the JRE

Build your Java Modular System artifacts and deploy your application in a complete modular environment. All the while using everything you know and love from your favourite frameworks and libaries!
JMod, JLink and JPackage out the box

Micro Modules

Each module-info is handcrafted and built according to need. Not a single one is autogenerated. Including just the rest module is enough to build and deploy an enterprise grade MicroService system and architecture. It has never been easier to get your stuff out there

Grouped Singular Dependencies

When a library is the only one to require a dependency, we've shoved that dependency in there to encapsulate the packages, and only expose the API that is for use. This keeps the module-info very small, the dependency chain managed, and the exposed packages to a bare minimum

Build It Up
Don't Exclude Down

Frameworks and Capabilities are only available once you have included the module. This means your application is only the size of what you want inside it. Mix and match any combination of modules to build your final JLink/JPackage artifact.

It's your program

Using Guice you get a 100% True Modular D.I. framework. With Guiced EE, you can programmatically configure it any however you like. From data sources, rest providers, WS interceptors to Web Sockets, RabbitMQ and even JMS - Restart, Update, Change and configure everything directly from YOUR application with unparalleled/unbelievable performance in the new Java Module System

For the Developer

Because this is all the stuff they don't see

Open Source Speed

With easily accessible nightly builds and a quicker-than-expected turn around time, You can always "rest" assured it does what it says it does.
Contribute directly on GitHub if you've got the fix at hand!

Jump on the train

Catch the OpenJDK Train and built in JDK's 8 to 15, soon 16!.
You can now keep up with all security updates as they come out, as well as the new cycle of OpenJDK
Satisfy sniffer requirements quickly and easily

Adapting to the environment

When dependencies become compliant in their module declarations, I immediately switch them across to their new and improved counterparts. Keeping it easy keeping up to date.

24/7 Support

'Ish. Gitter and Github provide great central points to chat, improve, update, correct, track changes and destroy as necessary.

Completely Testable End To End

This project allows you to test the entire structure from top to bottom. Minus services.
No. seriously.
Unit Test absolutely anything with Jupiter

100% Code

There are no xml templates, configuration files or any thing required to execute. Everything is programmed. Customize and configure your own configuration structure without needing to learn any new file templates.
I find that pretty useful

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